Women's Sun Ace - Shape #A

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Classic and stylish prescription sunglasses in dark turtle. The material is a carefully selected acetat which is natural, strong and light. The frame is made with flexible hinges making them comfortable to wear.

The lenses are made with tempered glass with UV-protection and the power ranges from +1 to +2.5.


Our sunglasses with strength comes with single-strength lightweight lenses produced from carefully selected plastic materials. This means that the lenses are both classy, thin and light and therefore comfortable to wear when you, as most of us do, take your glasses on and off several times during the day.


The lightweight glass is equipped with UV400 protection, which means that they filter out all UV rays with a wavelength of up to 400 nanometers. Glass with this UV protection belongs in category 3 after the European categorization of sunglasses (CE). This means that they protect against strong sunlight.


The glass has an increased breaking strength, does not shatter and is hardened so that it can withstand everyday scares.


Our single-strength glasses with plus lenses are used to correct farsightedness and presbyopia, a condition that minimizes the eyes natural ability to focus.


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